Great Work.

“I just wanted to reach out and thank you for what a great job you and your staff have done there. Our deliveries are running much smoother since we made the move.”


Dave Megge, Director of Kitchen/Bath and Flooring Programs


100% commitment to providing quality delivery and installation services in a friendly and professional manner

We are guided by four core principles:


We aim to be reliable in our scheduling, knowledge, and professional customer service skills. Every team member is expected to meet or exceed customer expectations.


We expect employees to be honest in their daily work. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and we want to make ours count.


We value our employees, co-workers, vendors, and customers. We treat all with respect, at all times.


We value a safe and healthy work environment.

Our Ownership Is


Pride Delivery and Installation ownership is personally involved in daily operations. Your business is treated as if it is our own, and we understand image. In the rare instance an issue should arise, we deal with it promptly until it is resolved.

PRIDE is the difference.


“The delivery/installation teams at Pride go above and beyond the call. They come out and do site visits on major installations, are trained in all of the high end brands of appliances for installation and make sure to protect your home. They come prepared for any situation and make even the hardest look easy, they are true professionals not just someone without experience. We know our customers are in good hands that is why we use Pride for our delivery and install needs.”

Rick Ritt, Outside Builder Sales

Our Culture Is Rooted In Respect.
That Is Why It Easily Translates To Our Jobs.

Chris, Owner of Pride Delivery and Installation

Chris Petonic


Pride Appliance began in 1975 as a venture between Jerry Mazanec, Chris’ grandfather, and Jack Petonic, Chris’ father.

They began Pride Appliance in order to better serve the Greater Cleveland area in the appliance delivery and installation business. Pride Appliance was well respected in the industry.  Due to the untimely death of Jerry, Jack was forced to close business operations (1978) and work for one of their competitors, Hank Depner.

Hank Depner owned and managed Wilcox Transfer. During Jack’s tenure at Wilcox, he introduced Chris to the delivery and installation business which allowed Chris to learn from the best people in the industry, many of which Chris continues to work with today.

In 2003, Chris began working for Reliable Appliance Installation and continued to service the GE Appliance delivery network in the Cleveland area.  With Reliable Appliance, he was able to learn and grow into a Regional Manager and at one time was in charge of 6 operations in the great lakes region, including Buffalo NY and Cincinnati OH.  Working closely with RAIs ownership, Charlie Merryman and Jeffrey Gallo, Chris was able to develop his skills in all aspects of the business. 

In March of 2020, Chris had the opportunity to start his own operation in the Cleveland market.  After much discussion with his wife, Kim, together they decided to embark on this adventure.  As an ode to Chris’ hardworking grandfather and to his father who introduced him to the business, the company was named Pride Delivery and Installation LLC.

In November 2020, Pride Delivery and Installation LLC moved into the Columbus market.

On August 22, 2022, Pride opened in Plant City, Florida.  One week later, on August 29th, Pride opened in Romulus, Michigan.

Chris’ work in this industry spans 4 decades.   Chris notes that the most valuable thing he has learned is to treat your people with respect, treat your customers with respect, and treat your business with respect.  The people he worked with in the early days of his career work at Pride Delivery and Installation today.  They are like family.  Chris states that he works with individuals that carry themselves with integrity and hold themselves to the highest standards.  He states they know the right thing to do. 

“Our goal at Pride is to give our customers a great experience during their installation process.  In an area where timing and execution are of utmost importance, I feel we exceed expectations.” 

Kim Petonic

Human Resources & Payroll Director

Chris and Kim made the decision to open Pride in 2020.  With Chris at the helm, Kim handled Pride’s HR function while continuing to consult and work full time.

Kim was first exposed to the business world when working as a receptionist over high school breaks at Com-Corp Industries.  She continued working at Com-Corp throughout college working in accounting, purchasing, customer service and human resources.  Upon graduation from Baldwin-Wallace College, she was offered a Human Resources Assistant position and worked her way to Personnel Coordinator.  After leaving Com-Corp, Kim served as Human Resources Manager for Jantech Building Services, Rural/Metro Ambulance, and Congregation of St. Joseph; began her own HR consulting business with clients in construction, delivery, K-12 education, private clubs and non-profits; served as Director of Human Resources for Magnificat High School and Director of Human Resources for Constellation Schools LLC.  Upon closure of Constellation Schools LLC, Kim joined Westwood Country Club and managed their HR function until leaving to join Pride in a full time capacity.

Bryan Vidmar

Chief Operating Officer

Stay tuned for more info!


Technology Director

Stay tuned for more info!

Ken Kuberski

Safety & Fleet Director


Ken began his career as an over the road truck driver and had logged over 2 million safe miles. In 2013, Ken was the Closing Manager for Reliable Appliance in Buffalo, New York. He held various management positions before being tapped as Location Manager for Reliable Appliance for an expansion location in Akron, Ohio.   Ken joined Pride in March 2020 as Fleet & Safety Manager.  In January 2023, Ken was promoted to Safety & Fleet Director.

“While I am proud of our safety record, I constantly look at how we we can improve, how we can innovate and how we can better train so we can provide the safest environment for our employees, customers and the public we share the roads with. Learning and training never ends when it comes to safety.”

Amy Brandt Pride Delivery and Installation


Director of Operations

Amy Brandt began her career in the appliance industry in 1996 with Exel Logistics then transitioned to JP Services.  At this time, Amy met Chris, as they worked in the same industry.  She held various roles including clerical, inventory, dispatch and billing in her early career.  In 1999, Amy moved to Exel Direct as a Route Analyst and Billing Representative, then was promoted to Account Supervisor.  In 2008, Amy was hired by Chris at Reliable Appliance Installation as Regional Operations Administrator and was later promoted to Cleveland Operations Manager.  Under Amy’s supervision, the Cleveland Operation of RAI was awarded the GE Region of the Year award (2016, 2018).  In 2020, Amy moved to Pride Delivery and Installation as the Cleveland Operations Manager.  Amy became Regional Operations Director in January 2022. July 2023, Amy became Director of Operations for Pride.

“I am proud to be part of a team that doesn’t believe in average, we’ve consistently out-performed our peers in quality of service and customer satisfaction. Pride is truly an example of teamwork at its best, with everyone from the warehouse to the road to the office working together towards providing our customers and partners with the best possible experience.”

Yasser Amin

Director of Business Development

Stay tuned.  More info to come!

JA Pride Delivery and Installation

Jeff Alexander

Delivery & QC Director

Jeffrey Alexander began his career in the delivery industry in 1990 with Wilcox Transfer, working with Jack Petonic.  He continued his career in a Driver position with JP Services, Exel, SunTV, and Exel Direct.  In 2007, Jeff began working with Chris Petonic at Reliable Appliance Installation as a Driver.  He then transitioned to a Trainer role, allowing him to share his knowledge and expertise in the industry.  In 2014, while at RAI, Jeff was promoted to Warehouse Manager and five short years later moved into a Quality Manager role.  Jeff joined Pride Delivery and Installation in 2020 as Quality and Outside Account Manager for the Cleveland location.  In October 2023, Jeff was promoted to Delivery and QC Director, overseeing all delivery and quality efforts across the organization.

“It’s astounding to think that I am still working with some of the same friends that I started with down this path 30 years ago. Between just a few of us, we have well over 100 years of delivery and installation experience. That in itself is simply amazing. At Pride, regardless if you have been with us for months or years, we are not just co-workers, we are family.”


(and the surrounding area)

Nadine Paulk

Operations Manager

Joseph petrone

Assistant Operations Manager


Delivery & Quality Control  Manager


(and the surrounding area)

Appliance Delivery and Installation Company in Cleveland OH - Pride Delivery and Installation LLC in Columbus OH and the surrounding areas

Rick Quaderer

Operations Manager


Assistant Operations Manager

John Merryman

Delivery and Quality Control Manager

Rick Quaderer Assistant Operation Manager of Pride Delivery and Installation


Operations Manager

Rick Quaderer entered the appliance field in 1999. The first six years of his career were
spent serving a Sears account in Colchester, Vermont working for Transport Alliance,
Chaz Delivery and Exel Direct as a driver, warehouseman and operations manager.
Upon relocating to Cleveland in 2005 he began working with Chris Petonic and Reliable
Appliance Installation as a lead appliance installer. Rick advanced to serve as
Operations Manager for Reliable in Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Columbus markets. Under
Rick’s direction, the Buffalo location received the GE Regional Award for the year of
 In 2020, Rick joined Pride Delivery and Installation LLC as the Assistant Operations
Manager.  Rick was promoted to Operations Manager in 2022.

 “I welcome the close family feeling we have here at Pride. I also enjoy the fact that our locations work so closely together. No one has an ego too big to ask a question of, nor an ego too big to listen to others regarding the best ways to serve our customers”.


Delivery & Quality Control Manager

John Merryman joined Reliable Appliance Installation as a warehouseman in 2004, which began his career in the appliance delivery business. From 2005-2007, John handled installs on larger jobs as the Columbus area experienced a housing boom. John traveled for Reliable Appliance Installation to Cincinnati (2007-2008), handling all paperwork and many aspects of warehousing. In 2009, John returned to warehousing in Columbus to assume all of Columbus payroll functions for Reliable Appliance. In 2012, John moved into the role of handling corporate payroll processing. In 2017, John assumed a larger role in Columbus warehousing and corporate management; aiding multiple Columbus warehouses while still processing all of Reliable Appliance payroll. John remained in this role with Reliable Appliance Installation until 2020 when he joined the Pride Delivery and Installation team. 

“I am happy to be a part of the Pride family. We have developed a close-knit team that have worked together for years in providing our customers with the best experience and service possible.”

Plant City, FL

(and the surrounding area)


General Manager

Matt Nauman

Operations Manager

Mario Gee

Delivery and Quality Control Manager

Romulus, MI

(and the surrounding area)

James Langford

Operations Manager

Mick Bussdieker

Assistant Operations Manager

RON Germain

Delivery and Quality Control Manager

Our employees say:

“I truly enjoy working for the Pride family and taking care of all of our customers. It is a total team effort for everyone involved in making sure every one of our customers is completely satisfied. The amount of knowledge our leadership has is what makes us one of the best companies in the delivery business.”
- Jason Willis, Warehouse Manager, Columbus

"I enjoy the family atmospehere at Pride and am proud of the level of service we provide to our customers."
- Lou Formica, Driver/Warehouse, CLEVeland

Pride Delivery and Installation would value
the opportunity to work with you.